Melatonin Supplement Dosage:

There are now several melatonin supplement products that are manufactured to help those who are having sleep disorders which includes insomnia and autisms. Melatonin is also said to fight anti-aging and help in weight loss.

Below is the recommended dosage for melatonin supplement products:


Insomnia: Take 1mg-3mg in tablet (or 1mg in liquid form) an hour before going to bed. If this dosage doesn’t feel you sleepy, you might want to try 2 tablets the next night.

Just bear in mind that taking an additional dosage the first time might knock you out and may lead to oversleeping or the likelihood of heightened side effects. The proper dosage should give you a good sleep without any headaches or drowsiness. Ask your doctor if he or she has any recommendations about dosage amounts and which strength may work best for you.

Jetlag: 0.5mg – 5mg in tablet an hour before going to travel.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: 0.25mg-5mg daily or as prescribed by doctor

Sleep Enhancement: 0.1mg – 3mg (in tablet or liquid form) taken 30 minutes before going to sleep.

  • – Dissolving, chewable, bubblegum flavored bear tablets
    – Non habit-forming
    – Made in the USA in a GMP
    – Pediatrician recommended

  • – The natural sleep enhancer that is even safe for children
    – 100 chewable tablets
    – Gluten free
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PreOperative Anxiety: 0.1mg-0.3mg in chewable or flavored tablets (or liquid form) within 15-30 minutes before going to sleep.

Seizure Disorder in Children: 1mg-5mg every night or as prescribed by doctor

Sleep Disturbance in Children with autism or has neuro pyschiatric disorders: 0.3mg-3mg every night or as prescribed by doctor

Anyone that is pregnant or lactating, has or suspects a medical or psychological condition, or is taking prescription drugs should NOT use melatonin. Side effects may include headache, stomach discomfort, morning grogginess, daytime “hangover” or feeling of a “heavy head”, although the possibility of side effects escalates with higher dosage.