Does Melatonin has Side Effects?

Does Melatonin has Side Effects?

The concept of Melatonin side effects have been a longstanding debate. While none of these have been factually proven, it is important that we have the right amount of awareness in identifying any changes in our body and our systems. Here are some examples of alleged melatonin side effects to keep you informed:

Overdose Effects: it goes without saying that there will be adverse effects for people who have taken more than the recommended dosage. Some patients have complained of disorientation, nightmares and confusion. This immediately tells us that we should never take more than what our doctor prescribes. Studies have shown that these behaviors usually go away once the patient stops the intake of these supplements.

Depression and Moodiness: There have also been some studies reported that people who have taken Melatonin sleep aids have complained of emotional side effects. While a huge majority of them have suffered from loneliness and depression, there are also a couple who experience the opposite: they end up feeling unnaturally happy and giddy after allegedly taking these sleep aids.

These are just some of the initial examples of the stated side effects of Melatonin. As with any other medicine, pill or drug, anything in excess will be harmful to your health, so make sure that you are able to observe the exact dosage and with proper advice from your general physician.

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