Melatonin Creams

In addition to being sold in pill or tablets form, melatonin is also available for purchase as a cream. You’ll find that melatonin sold in cream form is marketed in many different ways. The packaging for melatonin cream may state its use as any of the following:

o To help promote a natural circadian rhythm, the body rhythm that controls sleep

o To fight jet lag

o It’s a great source of anti-oxidants which protect the skin against free radical damage

o To reduce the depth and wrinkles

o To slow down the effects of aging on the skin

But is any of this true? Lets dig in.

Melatonin is well known in its pill form for its ability to regulate the human body’s sleep cycle and promote healthy sleep and wake times. While not as many people choose to use melatonin cream, it is certainly a viable option for promoting a healthy sleep cycle. The melatonin cream has proven to be very effective in assisting with helping people fall asleep. In the same way the pill form works, the melatonin in the cream regulates the biorhythm of the body and adjusts the human ‘internal clock’, stepping in to signal that it is time for the body and mind to rest.

The question is, why would someone take melatonin cream when they could very easily just take the pill?

Well, the added benefit of using melatonin cream is that it has been shown to be very effective in reducing wrinkles and the effects of aging on the skin. In tests conducted by the University of Munster, Germany, topical melatonin was shown to reduce the depth and span wrinkles after only one full month of treatment. During this same period, it was also observed that the skin appeared and felt much smoother to the touch and promoted a ‘youthful glow’ not present before the experiments began.

In another six week clinical trial, if was found that melatonin cream could credibly:

o Promoted healing of damaged tissue

o Appeared to help prevent skin damage caused during radiation treatment